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Jerry and Christi Spiva have opened a three attraction haunt between Athens and Malakoff on Hwy. 31. Tickets are $15 and permit entry to all three from 7 p.m. to midnight every Friday and Saturday in October. Their grand opening is Oct. 1.

This year, prepare to experience the fright of your life when you tour the new Athens Hallowed Grounds Haunt Park. Full of terrors from local legends and old favorites, visitors can get into the Halloween season from 7 p.m. to midnight every Friday and Saturday in October for a ticket price of $15 each, with access to all three haunts.

Afterwards visitors can enjoy carnival games in the parking lot.

Owners Jerry Spiva and his wife, Christi, have been eagerly preparing to thrill and delight through the art of the scare.

Jerry has been creating haunted houses for five years now, but fondly remembers his first visit to one himself. As a child, his first memory of a haunted house was one his own family created, much like they are this one. His stepfather hosted a haunted house in some abandoned apartments he owned and the event brings back warm memories of people enjoying themselves.

Jerry and Christi's parents, children, siblings, all the way down to nieces and nephews, are all volunteering their time to create a fun and terror filled weekend.

When I was so little I can barely remember, my family created a haunted house, and while we were touring the haunt, what stuck out to me was my sister fell down the stairs from being scared. She ended up scaring everyone behind her in the process causing all of them to tumble down after her,” Jerry said. “The thing I remember most is they were all laughing and having a great time while they fell. Nobody was hurt, but they were so entertained they were still laughing. I love the entertainment aspect!”

The first haunt, visitors will see is based on the Athens legend of Monkey Road. When a circus train derailed scary things started to happen. For years teenagers still snuck into the park to catch a glimpse of the old monkey cages. Come walk through the Athens legend and see what it might have been like long ago.

The second haunt is based on The Malakoff Man legend. When they were working the coal mines in the early 1920s they discovered heads carved into rocks. At Hallowed ground, The Malakoff Man causes phobias and hallucinations. Guests will walk through and experience the terror filled visions themselves. Walk through this haunted hotel as it becomes an insane asylum of terror of your greatest phobias.

Afterwards visit the third attraction which is a horror museum full of iconic characters of halloween sure to make your skin crawl.

The entire Spiva family has been working very hard to present an attraction like no other in town. This year, you don't have to drive anywhere to get a good scare.

This is not Spiva's first haunt, he has been building them for five years and as his guests raved about the fun they had, each year brought expansion. He is proud and thrilled with the entertainment value his attractions give those brave enough to walk the halls.

Haunts are typically priced by the number of scares, Jerry said this haunt is equipped with multiple opportunities to scream.

We are going to do our best to scare you,” he said. “We take pride in the amount of scares our visitors get. My goal is truly to entertain."

When he isn’t building a haunt, he is active in the community.

For more information, visit Hallowed Grounds Haunt Park on Facebook. HGHP is located at 2705 Hwy 31 Business between Athens and Malakoff right across from the livestock auction house.

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