Good Samaritan and local business owner James Hunt returned from his humanitarian mission to Mayfield, Kentucky prior to Christmas, but he is headed back Jan. 14 to help more.


"I have never seen destruction like this," Hunt said. “I have no words for it.”


Hunt and crew member EJ Prince went to the area where the most destruction occurred, hoping to be used in recovery efforts. Upon arrival, they planned on sleeping in the truck and finding where they could serve. Samaritan's Purse picked them up and they were able to bless several families with their hard work and skills.


Amanda Zackarias, Hunt's daughter, started a GoFundMe,, which has helped them get there, but Hunt attributes God for making the way and thanked donors.


"I want to thank Nancy Burns Montgomery, Huyen Reed, Jim Sykora ,Robin Sykora, Phillip Kelly, Tina Ramer, Dale Hoggatt, Chuck Troy, Janet Gunn Pennington, Teri Alexander Norman, Teresa Fannin Peck, Steve Snyder and Jordan Byars, and Heather Byars for making it possible for me and EJ Prince to go help the people in Mayfield Kentucky," he said.


"If not for you, we wouldn’t have been able to go. Jordan and his wife found out we were sleeping in the truck and found us a room for our stay. What a blessing. All of you are true blessings. Thank you."


The kindness was paid forward through tree work, debris clearing and even giving one local family his own generator to help them in their time of need.


After seeing how much work still needs done, Hunt will return to Kentucky Jan. 14 through 20. Tree services are desperately needed in the area.


"My heart really goes out to these people," Hunt said. "Please pray for the people of Kentucky, they need it."


Hunt has stepped up to assist during previous storms, both local and far away. This was the biggest tornado effort he has been part of. He was a vital member of the community during Winter Storm Uri, where he made sure people had firewood and worked tirelessly in recovery efforts keeping countless families warm.

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