During COVID-19, in a time of great economic uncertainty, one local couple took a chance on Athens and opened Atticus & Co., a unique gift shop and place to gather.

“We lived in Uganda and we loved it there,” said Florence Ferrell, owner. “There is a great community there between ex-pats, Ugandans. Uganda is what inspired us to open the shop.”

Flo, as she is referred to by those who know her, and her husband, Boog, have roots in the community through his family. After Boog took over his father’s surveying business in the area, the couple wanted to create a place with the sense of community they had in Uganda and missed. Flo’s mother owned a retail store during her growing years so the experience was there.

“There is a neat revitalization going on down town, Common Area Market, Railway Cafe, Come and Take it, we wanted to help be a part of the unique and neat vision for Athens,” Flo said. “Atticus was born from that.”

The focus is on community, small business and local artists.

“We want people to come have a free cup of coffee on Saturday morning and leave with a cool and unique gift,” she said.

“My favorite thing to do is scout for creators and artists that I enjoy. I look for people that are making items locally with their heart put into it. I know around 75% of the vendors personally and enjoy working with smaller vendors.”

On Saturday mornings Atticus & Co. offers free coffee, latte’s and Americanos made from locally made Van Zandt Coffee Beans. They encourage people to come in, have a coffee, chat and look at the local talents hard work.

“This is our heart to highlight people that are doing things well and give them a place to show their work,” she said. “Men, women and children can find gift items here. My goal was if you needed a gift, you would not only find it here, but be proud to give it.”

The Ferrell's join other visionaries and locals who invest in the city's revitalization and strive to show the community what Athens has to offer, helping them avoid unnecessary trips to Dallas and Tyler.

Atticus & Co. will offer you a sensory overload. First, you will smell the amazing aroma of bath salts, coffee and candles. The space is visually appealing with bright colors and a minimalistic style, music and laughter echo through the space. You will taste the bold flavor of VZ Coffee and touch the rich textures.

Located across from Railway Cafe at 120 E. Larkin St. facing the railroad tracks, Atticus & Co. is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Tuesday to Saturday. For more information you can call 903-292-1274 or visit its website at www.atticusandco.com.

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