Ever give the oak much thought?

Usually when one considers,

He will think of strength more

oft than not. Regarding the oak

From a Biblical standpoint Isaiah

Six will definitely fit into this


The chapter itself is not a

Long one but depth is the key!

There’s lot to cover before we

Get to that oak tree, you’ll see.

We know the bible states that

No one has ever seen God but

Isaiah saw the glory as did


In the presence of a Living God

He says, “Woe is me for I am

Undone! Because I am a man of

Unclean lips, I dwell in the midst

O f a people of unclean lips!

Didn’t take Isaiah long as they

Say, ‘to come to grips’

Remember the line; “Here am I!

Send me.” Well, Isaiah received

His mission, hearing five woes  

He simply could not oppose;

Here’s the reminder…

Woe to those wise in their own

Eyes, and prudent in their own

Sight. Woe to men mighty in

Drinking wine, Woe to men

Strong for mixing intoxicating

Drink who justify the wicked for

A bribe, and take away justice

From the righteous man!

Isaiah adds woe upon himself as a

Representative of the wayward

Nation; as he bows to ‘Elohim, ‘

Who designed all of creation!

Here’s the jest…a sinful man in

The presence of the Holy One is


But God took initiative to provide

Atonement and cleansing because

Isaiah was contrite, we all know

That’s right! The same message

That softens a receptive heart also

Hardens an unreceptive heart;

Isaiah was directed to preach

Repentance to this nation; Next

He asked, “How long Lord?” He

Wants to know how long this

Service of hardening and the state

Of hardness would continue. He

Got his answer which was nothing

Less than that of disaster; The

Hardening judgment would

Only come to an end when the

Condition had been fulfilled.

Meaning that the towns, houses,

The soil of the land of Israel and

Its skirts had been made desolate;

Without inhabitant, without man,

Simply wilderness! There would

Be a second judgment to expose

The remaining tenth of the

Nation to yet, a ‘sifting’

Twas a gloomy prophecy for

Times were steeped in hypocrisy;

So it goes…However, we must

Remember the Oak tree was a

Most fitting symbol of Israel, as

It is today on account of its

Peculiar ease from springing

Up again from the root!

Amazingly, this tree, deprived of

Its trunk and crown; there’s still

A kindred form, a root-stump in

The ground; not entirely destroyed!

This stump could shoot out and put

Forth branches again…and it would

The root-stump of the ‘oak,”…

“A holy seed.” Being that which

Had survived judgment would

Become a seed out of which a New

Israel would spring up. With God

All things are possible.

This is Lucey signing off believing we can

Touch each other’s heart by sharing His love

Have a beautiful day.


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