Part 3

Isaiah 53. How precious it is that a Living God should lay on Himself the iniquity of men! That Jesus, The Christ, The Living Son of God should make His soul an offering for sin; Who never knew sin but was made sin for you and for me that we might find life in Him, the eternal One! Jesus was exalted and made very high Who saw of the travail of His own soul and was satisfied. It was by His knowledge that those justified were many. “For ya thoughts I’d give you a penny” Guess this ole adage will fit right in for my thought now stems to God’s very first blood covenant made from animal skin.

Back to Isaiah, verse eleven, “Because of the travail of His soul, he will see, and be refreshed; through His knowledge will He procure justice, my righteous servant, for the many, and will take their iniquities upon Himself. “ One can only but imagines the trouble…it was not only in body to be suffered, but the inmost recesses of his soul. Christ looks at His prudent work and has full satisfaction. The great work of salvation, the great object of His calling~ in the hand of the deceased and yet eternally living—going on victoriously through mediation raising up both, Royal Priesthood, and a Holy Nation. The forever-worthy ‘Lamb of God’ now reaps the fruit of His self-sacrifice in a continuous priestly course and I must say, He is all-in-all and makes aware that He’s the most AWESOME; security force. Holy Scripture reminds us, that of faith…Jesus Christ IS the sole source.

Jehovah said, “Sit at my right hand, until I make your enemies your footstool” Ps 110:1. Who was talking to Who here? Well, scripture has it;” The LORD said to my LORD”…Could it be something David had just that moment heard? After searching Matthew 22:43, to think it not a declaration of the people concerning David, but of David concerning Jesus Christ—would not be absurd. The character here is quite unique; lending a peak at representative of the “invisible King’ that in time, the future would bring.

Of the King of Israel it is said he sits on the throne of Jahve (1 Chron 29:23) as visible representative of the invisible King (1 Chron 28:5) however, here Jehovah says, “Sit at my right hand…” Why? It’s the highest place of honor; a thought, no doubt, to ponder. Not idle honor but reception into fellowship with God; dignity and dominion and exalted to participate in eternal reign! Remember?

Jesus bore our sicknesses and pains yet man reckoned Him smitten by God and afflicted. Man in his heart was soon convicted. Christ is omnipotent and absolute, laying all His enemies at His feet.

Stand ready & stand firm you saints of God~

This is Lucey signing off believing

We can touch each other’s heart by sharing His love

Have a beautiful day.


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