Don’t cha love what the Bible has to say about healing? Some might think it crazy to ask; but is there anyone in your clan who might find it unappealing? The book of Isaiah, chapter 53, presents incredible insight to the nature and character of The LORD Jesus Christ, man’s only Redeemer. His love was demonstrated openly to the world from His cross while making His soul an offering for sin…Scribes, Pharisees, etc, looking on with grins. This picture reminds me that blood represents the life-force of the living soul; why must man in his folly, continue with religious public opinion polls~ the doctrine of Christ, is it so easy to misconceive? “Just BELIEVE!”

That Jesus Christ, The Living God, would choose to lay on Himself the iniquity of man is quite frankly beyond the understanding of my finite being, but I can say among the many…His anointing deliverance is quite freeing! James 1:21 says He is able to save man’s soul. One thing I surely know, my life has been transformed and I have been made whole! He hears our pleas! The cancer once in my body is gone; left is the thirst and hunger for his Holy and Living Word to ‘feed on.’ No longer is my speech slurred or thought concerning Him…blurred.


Getting back to Isaiah fifty-three, four…Christ was concerned to relieve evil in all its forms. After all, is it really sin that is spoken of here, or the evil which is consequent upon human sin; which is not always the direct consequence of the sins of individuals? Consider the answer The LORD gives His disciples in John 9:3, “Jesus answered, neither has this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him.” Jesus did not, evidently, mean to affirm that the man, or his parents, was without any sin, but that this blindness was not the effect of sin. Thanks to those of you who write in; let me know as to blindness being healed in your ‘next of kin.’

One last thought ~ Christ took the debt of sin and carried it as his own to make expiation, i.e. sacrifice for it once and for all. Isn’t the meaning of all this more than Christ entering into the fellowship of our sufferings? Isn’t it that He took upon Himself the sufferings which we had to bear and deserved to bear? Not only did He take them away but bore them in His own person that man might be delivered, yeah? When one person takes upon himself suffering which another would have had to bear, not only endures it with him, but in his stead…isn’t that called ‘substitution?”

The heart of The LORD Jesus Christ is that all might be saved.

Do you fear His name? Malachi 4:2

This is Lucey signing off believing

We can touch each other’s heart by sharing His love

Have a beautiful day.



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