Parkinson’s Disease Awareness will hold a meeting on Jan. 8 at 1 p.m. at the Arabella Clubhouse located at 413 Gibson Road in Athens.  

The meetings are held the second Thursday of the month but call if unsure especially during bad weather.

The November meeting was over Physical Therapy presented by Stephanie Sypert   from Eustace.  She told what exercises worked for Parkinson’s and the importance of daily exercising.

The December meeting speaker was Debbie Jones, Elder Care Coordinator from the Hale Law Firm.  Debbie presented a program on the Elder Care legal system and answered questions that she was allowed to answer. This was an eye opener from the legal point of view. We all learned several things.

If you are suffering from Parkinson’s or are a caregiver, family or friend needing more information on this incurable disease, please attend this meeting.  

Some symptoms of Parkinson’s include: tremor, slow movement, stiffness, postural instability, freezing gait or speech, hallucinations, shrinkage of handwriting, trouble swallowing, arm swing, constipation, urinary urgency, excessive saliva and dementia plus other symptoms.  In learning more about this disease, you are able to help your loved one or friend to hopefully live a better life. All we can do now is pray for a cure. For more information contact Jean Everett 903-681-4167.

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