It has been a couple of weeks since I have sent anything in so I am trying to do it this week.

I do not know about a lot of you but I have enjoyed the cool weather.

We purchased a cord of green wood to go with the dead wood we already had. That is working out real good. Hopefully the electric bill will not be like it was last year.

We also have not had to order Propane yet so do not know if it has gone up or not. Last winter it had not. We will soon find out because we are at thirty per cent.

Dennis is still off from work. He has filled out applications but have not heard from anyone yet. I am glad he has been home because it has made things easier for me.

Plus it has given me the chance to get use to a medicine I am taking now. A friend of mine Bunny Freeman and I have worked out a plan for when Dennis does go back to work. Bunny and Mrs. Dickerson both talk to me enough to where they can tell when I am getting ready to have a problem.

Cherrlyn Whitehead and I talked a couple of times this week. We had not talked for a few months.

We took her a burn barrel this past Tuesday. She was not home so we left it and I left an old Review paper with my address label on it.

Talked to Bruce Thompson this week. He says he is doing pretty good. He said he will go eat Thanksgiving with his wife Carol who is in South Place.

Wilma Smith and I talked for a short time this week.

She is doing better. She said she does not know what they will be doing Thanksgiving. One of her daughters is not coming until Christmas.

Frank Roberts has recently been to the doctor a few times. This past Saturday we spent a few hours at the emergency room here in Athens.

We will find out on Thursday if he will be having a laser surgery done. At his age any type of surgery has risks.

Clara Jo and I visited on the phone for a while. She is in good spirits and sounds good.

Melba Riddle is still in Green Oaks trying to walk again. She welcomes visitors.

Mrs. Meda Dickerson will be having a big family Thanksgiving at her house. I can smell the yeast rolls.

Mary Cleckley and her son Jimmy will be spending Thanksgiving with all of their family.

My mother Sherian and the rest of my family will be spending Thanksgiving in the Conroe area. That is where my niece Katie and her new husband live.

Dennis, Frank and I will be spending Thanksgiving here at home. As always I will cook way to much food. I have already decided I am going to buy pies this year instead of stressing myself to do all of that. We have two turkeys and a ham to cook. Dennis will fry one turkey and I will bake the other. We had thought about going out to eat but we both like dressing the day after Thanksgiving.

Our deepest condolences go out to Dr. John Morton and his family. Dr. Morton's mother recently passed away at the age of 104. Sometimes when I would go to his clinic he would talk about his mother or share a story. You could just see the love and respect he had for her. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.

Condolences also to the Richardson and Dickerson family. Ross Richardson died this week in Tyler. His body was donated to science.

I usually do not do this but I am making a plea with you, the reader to help make this column better by sharing information.

You do not need to live in this community to share.

Things I can include are visitors, birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, memorial services, deaths, births and other information. NO advertisement.

You can reach me at 903-675-4922  or email

Have a safe, happy and blessed Thanksgiving.

Shop local whenever possible.

Thanks for reading.