In honor of October being respect life month, Oh Baby and St. Edward's Catholic church hosted a unique crowd for an ultrasound Friday, the St. Edwards youth group.

One of the parishioners was having an ultrasound and decided to share it with the young crowd in an effort to educate the younger generation on the development of life in the womb.

“Its important to see that what is inside a woman’s womb is not just part of her body, but is a new person, it is not just a blob of tissue, it is actually a human being in there.” Father Nolan Lowry said.

Most of the participants had never watched a live ultrasound before.

“That's so cool! Do you know when it's due?” they asked.

All of the youth that participated commented on how neat it was, and were even able to see a 3-D ultrasound and hear the heartbeat.

The church currently has small white crosses and the number 146, which represents the number of babies who lose their lives to abortion every day in the state of Texas.

It was a unique educational experience that coincides with the Lifechain pro-life walk hosted by St. Edward's which will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday on the square.

The public is welcome to join the walk.

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