This is an artist rendering of what the island development in Gun Barrel City could look like.    

Gun Barrel City officials continue to nail down details for proposed waterfront developments that would dramatically alter the look of the Cedar Creek Lake area of the city.

The council conducted a second public hearing Oct. 26 on a zoning change request from Island Development L.P. for a zoning change from Condominium Residential District to Planned Development District. A workshop was held Monday to dig deeper into the plans for the10.679 acres.

“We have a couple of projects that are in the works,” City Manager Jeff Arnswald said. “One is at Big Chief, which is on the east side of the lake. The one we had the workshop on Monday is for the island section. The investors have purchased the property, so they are just working out a development agreement.”

The developers must submit a site plan and get it approved before there can be any construction.

Arnswald said Gun Barrel City is carefully working through the development agreements to be sure the city is protected for the future.

“It takes time before they ever put a shovel in the ground,” he said.

The development on the island will have 266 condominiums and three separate condominium towers

“It’s very expensive to develop those properties,” Arnswald said. “Especially the one on the island. There’s a lot of money that has to be spent, just to get the sewer and water to the site. It will be quite a development.”

The project at Big Chief Landing is a public/private partnership. The Gun Barrel Economic Development Corporation is teaming up with the private developer for a Hilton Tapestry hotel, retail shops and enclosing the marina for boat slips.

“Unfortunately, they’ll be getting rid of the only public boat ramp in the city, but that’s not our property,” Arnswald said. “That property belongs to the EDC and they felt the best thing for their economic goals was to work into this partnership.”

Arnswald said the Metroplex is spilling in Gun Barrel City’s direction and many came to the area during the pandemic to work from their lake houses.

“If you look at the census trend, there’s a lot of movement in the past 10 years southeast of Dallas. Kaufman County is one of the fastest growing counties in the state.”

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