Last February, Hope Springs Water delivered more than 28,000 bottles of water after the heavy snow kept people indoors for a week. This year, they have prepared in advance for any possible closures.

What I like about this year is that the resources will be there. We have a plan and we want people to know that water is available and that it is there if people need it,” said Bliss Nelson, Executive Director at Hope Springs.

When the weather struck last year, Hope Springs received many calls from different facilities and the City of Athens. They delivered cases of water to those in need at the hospital, nursing homes, Brookshires, and many more. The City was very helpful in calling them and letting them know where the most need was being felt.

Loads of water were also delivered to businesses, so that they could be given to people in need. There is a plan for this as well -- that pallets will be delivered to parking lots, so those driving by in need of water would see it is available there without having to stop and go in to check.

Knowing that the need could arise again this year, Hope Springs has prepared their warehouses with around 15,000 cases of water waiting to be distributed in the case of emergency.

The City of Athens and Hope Springs have developed a line of communication and plan for any weather events. Should a similar event be experienced, the City of Athens is the best place to contact for water needs and they will communicate that need with Hope Springs. This helps facilitate and streamline all efforts.

Palestine was also assisted last year and Hope Springs has reached out to other cities as they are willing to coordinate efforts outside of Athens as well.

Hope Springs’ earliest projects originated in Central America and have continued to 12 countries. In 2021, they set a goal to raise $100,000 to drill 16 new wells. They came within $4,000 of reaching this goal.

On March 26, 2022, Hope Springs will be hosting Hopewell 2022, featuring The Skit Guys. The evening will be hosted at The Cain Center and 100% of the proceeds will go to Hope Springs missions, as a gracious donor has paid for the event.

Hope Springs Water was born in Athens,” Nelson said. “Our mission may be in other countries but our heart is here. We are going to respond when Athens has a need.”

If you would like to be added to the inclement weather delivery team, please reach out to Bliss Nelson at 817-291-9247.

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