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Snow fell, temperatures fell and records fell this week in Athens.

On Friday, as the city was finally climbing out of the deep freeze and residents were dealing with frozen pipes and loss of water pressure, National Weather Service records show extremes not seen in many years.

Athens began seeing freezing temperatures with a 32 degree low on Feb. 9. That was followed by lows of 28,24,24 and 21 through Saturday, Feb. 13. The most troublesome was on Thursday, Feb. 11, when freezing rain led to several wrecks on Henderson County roads.

NWS predictions of severe cold and snow held true when on Sunday after a high of 25, the temperature plummeted to 7 degrees.

Monday brought the most biting cold of all, when Athens residents saw the rare sight of a below zero temperature, when the thermometer fell to -1 degree the high that day was 16. The low set a record for February.

Since 2000, the only previous time the city had seen single digits was 7 degrees in January 2018. NWS records show the city gets about 30 freezing days per year.

On Tuesday morning, the mercury read 21 degrees, while the wind chill measured 5 degrees. The temperature slowly rose to 23 by midnight. The following day, the thermometer didn't vary much, holding at a high of 27 degrees for Wednesday. On Thursday, it was a bit warmer, but once again the high failed to climb above freezing, stalling at 3.1 degrees. Finally, on Friday, the 12:15 a.m. reading had warmed to 34 degrees. That ended an eight day run where the temperature never rose above freezing,

The NWS predicted Friday that the ice box cold is leaving for a while, with no hazardous weather predicted over North and Central Texas for the next week.

Any remaining accumulations of ice and snow will likely result in some slick and hazardous driving conditions this weekend.

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