With Athens a certified retirement community and Cedar Creek Lake drawing retirees from the Dallas area, Henderson County ranks first in the area in the proportion of investment and retirement income.

A study by WalletHub shows the 16% of the county residents' income comes from investment and retirement sources. The county also has the largest proportion of Social Security income at 13.4% of the total.

The study shows 23.2% of its households had retirement income which is more than all other counties in the area. That's well ahead of the State of Texas with 14% and the United States with 18 percent.

Henderson County was followed by Freestone, with 22%, Anderson, 21% and Van Zandt with 21%. The lowest score in the area was Kaufman County, at 17%.

In Henderson County, 64% of individual income is from wages. Self employed residents account for 6% of the income. The rest comes from retirement and Social Security.

 For several years, Athens has had the designation Certified Retirement Community.

The GO TEXAN Certified Retirement Community Program is a certification and promotion program provided by the Texas Department of Agriculture. To become a certified retirement community, each community must complete an application process including a retiree desirability assessment. Each application is reviewed and scored by an independent advisory committee comprised of volunteers who are experienced in various aspects of community and economic development.

The GO TEXAN stamp of indicates the community can meet the living, employment/volunteer, health, entertainment, education and safety needs of its citizens and visitors.

 The county's second largest municipality, Gun Barrel City is also designated a GO TEXAN Certified Retirement Community.

According to WalletHub, retirement generally coincides with the age at which we may receive Social Security or pension benefits. However, not everyone can retire when they want to.

Texas ranks 20th among the best states to retire.

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