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The Henderson County COVID-19 spread, which had fallen to minuscule numbers, is bouncing back.

North East Texas Public Health District is showing a continued climb over the past couple of weeks in Henderson and other counties that make up its service area.

The latest report shows the county spread rate at 5.87, which is still considered minimal spread. Any reading over 10, moves a county into the moderate spread category. The rates in Rains, Wood, Van Zandt and Gregg are now in the moderate spread range, with Smith County just behind at 9.88.

The previous Henderson County rate, recorded for the seven-day period that ended July 6, was 4.14.

Anderson County, which is is farthest from the populations centers in the region has the lowest spread rate, of 3.46. That is up from only 1.98 the previous week.

NET Health defines minimal community spread as a county showing evidence of isolated cases with no evidence of exposure in a large congregate setting. The rate is determined by totaling the number for the past seven days and dividing by 100,000.

The Texas Department of State Health Services is advising health care officials and residents to be vigilant in their fight against the disease, as variants are making control of the numbers difficult in some areas.

“Current scientific evidence indicates that available vaccines are effective in protecting people from severe illness caused by these variants,” DHS stated.

Henderson County had logged 6,135 total COVID-19 cases since the first began appearing in early 2020. As of Friday, there were 114 active cases, while 5,905 patients had recovered. The county fatality total stood at 116.

Athens had 2,279 cases and 44 fatalities. The second highest total of any of Henderson County’s municipalities was Chandler, with 855 cases and 17 fatalities.

The Trauma Service Area-G showed 128 beds filled with COVID-19 patients on Saturday. Friday’s total of 133 had been the peak in recent weeks. The count had dropped all the way to 42 on June 22.

Decreased capacity of businesses will occur if there are seven consecutive days in which more than 15% of the available beds are occupied by COVID patients. The Area-G hospitalization rate was 7%.

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