Sheriff Botie Hillhouse’s Narcotics Investigators and K-9 team Monday conducted a traffic stop South of Chandler which ended with the largest methamphetamine confiscations since the K-9’s were added to the force.

“This meth is worth $22,700 on the streets,” Hillhouse said, “and it is the largest haul this Office has brought in with the K-9’s.”

“It took solid law-enforcement work and great internal cooperation to make this happen,” he said. “It shows just how serious we are about cracking-down illegal drugs in this County.”

James Clayton Mastin, 60, from Flint, was arrested around 9 a.m. by Narcotics Investigators Kenneth Slaton and Gabriel Shue.

They were working drug interdiction in the Sportsman Paradise Subdivision when they saw a vehicle commit a traffic violation.

During the traffic stop, Deputies found Mastin to be operating the vehicle without a valid driver’s license.

Deputy Meagan Hogan and K-9 Max were called to the scene to conduct an open-air sniff of the vehicle.

Max gave a positive alert on the vehicle, and the Investigators searched the vehicle.

Hillhouse said it is common to find drug users with a relatively small amount of meth.

”Clearly, Miston was not just a user. This meth was for distribution,” Hillhouse said. “Meth was his business and now it has rightfully landed him behind bars.”

Mastin was taken to the Henderson County Jail, charged with manufacturing and delivery