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Thursday, a woman was arrested south of Chandler with methamphetamines – the fourth person from the Chandler area this week brought in by Sheriff Botie Hillhouse’s Deputies.

Michelle Hayes, 48 was charged with possession of a controlled substance and taken to the Henderson County Jail.

“This is the fourth arrest south of Chandler for meth shows our dedication to ridding that drug and these folks from that area,” Hillhouse said. “It’s an effort that takes good law-enforcement work and community involvement. See something, say something.”

Sergeant Jeromey Rose was sent to a residence at the intersection of Skyline Dr. and Woodwind Dr. in the Sunrise Shores Subdivision south of Chandler at 10 p.m.

The Sheriff’s Office was alerted about an argument between the suspect Hayes and a man.

Hayes was sitting in a vehicle and the man was spraying her with a water hose.

Sergeant Rose saw a clear plastic baggie in the shorts pocket of Hayes.

That arrest comes just days after two women south of Chandler were brought in for possession.

And even earlier in the week, one of the largest confiscations of meth since Hillhouse brought his K-9 Deputies on board happened near Chandler when half-a-pound of the drugs were discovered during a routine traffic stop.

That meth is worth $22,700 on the streets.