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In order to help curb the possibility of infection from the COVID-19 virus, public events hosted by Henderson County Master Gardener Association are being cancelled now through April 30.  

The Library Series presentation scheduled for March 17 on House Plants will not be held.  The April 21 presentation on Deer Resistant Landscapes has also been cancelled.

HCMGA will not have a booth in the April 19 Keep Chandler Beautiful event.

HCMGA had planned to hold their annual Plant Sale fundraiser on April 25.  However, instead of holding a crowded, one-day event, the plants will be transferred to Holder Hill Farm.  A portion of the proceeds will go to HCMGA from the plants purchased there.

Regular HCMGA monthly meetings and project work days are also being cancelled.  Please look for HCMGA presentations in the future and information about the Grand Opening of HCMGA’s Harvest Garden project, planned for May 9.

If you are feeling well, this just gives you more time to work in your garden.  Personally, I have been feeling giddy.  Spring is starting.  Camellias, hellebores, violets, and daffodils are in bloom.  Pear and peach trees are in full flower.  So, too, are summer snowflakes and extra early irises.  

Flowering shrubs of ornamental quince and forsythia attract bees.  Figs and other fruit trees are leafing out.  Carolina jessamine and crabapples will soon burst into bloom.  Ornamental grasses show new growth; roses are in bud; lilies emerge. 

Birds chirp, separating into couples and readying their nests.  Deciduous trees are bright green with new growth.  Under the soil, earthworms move.  Lizards lurk.  Bees congregate on the miniature blooms of the holly trees, promising a bumper crop of red berries next winter.

At this time of year, gardeners are planting, weeding winter weeds, mulching, and hoeing.  The sun shines on their backs, and they are appreciative of the warmth.  They watch and welcome every petal, every sprout.  Don’t disturb them.  Their hands may be sunk in soil, but their minds are on beauty. 

May you stay safe and enjoy your garden.

For more information, call 903-675-6130, email hendersonCMGA@gmail.com, or visit txmg.org/hendersonmg.

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