Books in Malakoff ISD

Malakoff ISD Superintendent Randy Perry displays the Ham Radio for Dummies books that are available across Henderson County.

With the explosive growth in amateur or ham radio, the Cedar Creek Amateur Radio Club decided to spread the word about the over 100-year-old hobby.

There are now more licensed hams than at any time in history.

And no wonder. You don’t need the Internet or Wifi or cell plans. Just a simple walkie talkie that now costs as low as $30 can connect you to repeater systems that will send your voice across the world.

So how are new people exposed to the hobby? Through a book called “Ham Radio for Dummies” by Ward Silver.

It is part of the “Dummies” series that explains topics and things in simple terms. And now that the ham license no longer requires a code test, anybody from age 5 to 95 can easily join in.

The Radio club, financed in part by a grant from LDG Electronics of St. Leonard, MD, set out to put a copy of that book in most every school and public library in the tri-county area.

The task of being the “Johnny Appleseed” of ham radio fell to Glenn Hughes, a club member and former teacher.

Glenn visited with librarians, superintendents and key administrators as he delivered the books. Here are a few of their comments.

“I delivered the books to the Junior High and High school libraries and visited with the Lead Librarian. She was very excited about sharing something new with the students,” said Brad Koskelin, Asst. Supt. of Mabank ISD.

“Thank you, Mr. Hughes for taking the time to bring this information to our high school and jr. high campuses. We will do our best to let our students know this is available to them. I appreciate you and your club investing in our youth, and giving them the opportunity to explore a new hobby,” Kristin Rose, Canton High School Library Media Specialist.

Yasma Holland, Kaufman County Library, said, “The  book will be added to the library’s business and technology collection and be made available for check-out to our patrons. A gift plate will be added to the book acknowledging the donation from the Cedar Creek Amateur Radio Club. The book will be featured with our new books display for the next three months for patrons to browse.”

Thirty copies have now been placed and now you know where they are, come join in the fun.

Copies of the book are located at Kemp High School, Mabank Junior High and high school, Athens ISD, Scurry-Rosser High School, Malakoff High School, Malakoff Middle School and the libraries in Kaufman, the Cedar Creek Library in Seven Points and the Tri-County Library in Mabank.

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