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After almost two years, Lee Peterson, 71, resigned as the Executive Director of the Gun Barrel City Economic Development Corporation.

Gun Barrel City Mayor David Skains confirmed Peterson's resignation was effective  Monday.

Skains did not give a reason for Peterson's abrupt resignation.

Peterson came to Gun Barrel City in Jan. 2018 from Lewistown, Montana. According to his resume, when GBC hired Peterson he was president and CEO of the Temple Economic Development Corporation, where he was responsible for working with a board of directors, city and county officials and university presidents to create the EDC's first strategic plan. At the time he was hired Peterson said he led Temple to national prominence in a variety of ratings as one of the fastest-growing cities.

The GBC EDC had no executive director for two years before Peterson was hired.

Skains said the council had not yet made a decision on a process to replace Peterson. The mayor said the council will make a decision during an upcoming workshop. “We will discuss whether hiring a search firm is the appropriate process to hire a new executive director.

“We appreciate the work he and the board has done for the city,” said Skains.

Skains indicated Peterson will receive his accrued vacation pay. “I need to look at his employment agreement,” said Skains.

The GBC EDC office will remain opening while searching for a new director. Skains said Assistant Executive Director Walter Baker is available to answer EDC questions.

The City of Gun Barrel City is beginning a 12-month planning process to formulate the City’s comprehensive plan. This plan will capture the community’s vision and will be used daily by the  City Council and other decision-makers to inform decision on growth, development and preservation.

A community open house meeting will be held to gather input that will define the community’s vision and influence plan recommendations. The Community Open House will be held at 6 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 23, in the City Council chambers at Gun Barrel City Hall located at 1716 W. Main Street, Gun Barrel City.

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