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In a separate event, Athens Animal Rescue Shelter, a sister shelter to HSCCL, received a donation  from Annette Voyles on Giving Tuesday. Pictured receiving the donation is Heather Luville.

 After an amicable meeting with officials from the Humane Society of Cedar Creek Monday the Gun Barrel City Council voted to finalize an amended contract between the two parties.

The change increases the amount the city pays by $350 per month, from $1,250 to $1,600.

Mayor David Skains reviewed the past council discussions on the subject and his reason for vetoing the addendum at a meeting in early November. Skains said the city received a request, on Sept. 29 to increase the amount it pays the shelter by 28%.

The council voted in its first meeting after that time to approve that, however, there was no amended contract offered at that time to approve,” Skains said.

A payment not authorized by the contract would show up when the city’s outside audit takes place, Skains said.

The fee increase request came as the city was just beginning a second year of a two-year contract with the humane society.

I would like to add another year to this contract and not have it come up again,” Skains said.

Humane Society board president Lanette Ainsworth said the initial request at the October council meeting was to help the animal shelter meet some of the additional costs incurred during the COVID-19 pandemic. Expenses were up in payroll, medical and animal care.

Ainsworth said GBC is projected to have brought 354 animals to the shelter by the end of the year, much more than some of the smaller entities around the lake.

Ten cities and tree counties are served by the shelter. Gun Barrel accounts for about 15% of the total animals brought in, which is more an any other city, Ainsworth said.

After the discussion, councilman Kenneth Foster made a motion to approve the addendum.

This agreement has already been looked at and approved 5-0 by the council previously,” Foster said.

It is definitely an an expense, but it’s also a need and I strongly support the effort to go forth and approve it again,”

Before the vote, Skains said the written amendment had not been provided at the previous meeting, which was the reason for his veto. He then called for a vote, which passed unanimously.

Motion carries and I will not veto it,” Skains said.


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