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“My name is David Skains and I would like to announce I am seeking re-election for Mayor of Gun Barrel City.  

When I first took office as Mayor of Gun Barrel City, I had the mindset that I only had one term in office and should do as much as I could in that one term.  

The first year was a tough year with a lot of obstacles in achieving goals.  

The second year has sailed by, with the current council and a very hard working city staff, we are accomplishing many objectives that will help our city progress.  

One of those is the comprehensive plan, which gives all citizens the opportunity to voice their opinion about the growth of our city.  

Better communication with our citizens is the key to being successful for our city.

The first term I decided to run for Mayor so that I might influence the progress of our city services.  When I took office I wanted to make our city a better and safer place to live. With the help of the city staff we have cleaned up much of our city, but we have a long way to go.

With the help of the EDC, we have new businesses moving into our city, including assisted living, medical facilities and new homes.  

No one person is responsible for the achievements of the past couple of years, it takes all of our volunteer boards, a dedicated city staff , city council and our citizens be successful.

Our city has so much potential to be even better.  I realize growth is not something everyone wants, but we can progress with or without growth.  Improving our city services is very important to me.  I believe it is important to most of our citizens.  

This is why we are giving our citizens the opportunity to vote for a small ad valorem tax of only 19 cents per $100 valuation.  Just $190 per $100,000 valuation of property will help our city have better streets.  

We can create a five year plan to do the necessary repair of the streets in Gun Barrel City.  

We can also add sufficient Fire Department staff and more police officers to ensure our citizens safety.  Our citizens cannot implement this additional revenue on their own, the city has to ask them if they want it, and the citizens get to have that decision.  

I believe in our city and in our citizens. I refuse to be a complainer that isn’t willing to do my part to fix the problems facing our city.  

If I am re-elected, I will continue with the same mindset I had two years ago, that I only have this term to fix all I can and make Gun Barrel City a better and safer home for us all.

Thank you, and please vote to Re-Elect David Skains for Mayor of Gun Barrel City. “

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