The Gun Barrel City Council and Economic Development Corporation met in a joint session

Tuesday, concerning a proposed $12 million dollar hotel project at Big Chief Landing.

After executive session, a first reading was conducted on a resolution between the Gun Barrel City EDC and YNS Services, of Dallas, to form Pier 334 Partnership for creation of a waterfront hotel and recreational development at the former Big Chief Landing site on the west end of the city.

After an executive session, EDC members voted unanimously to approve two changes to plan. The acreage involved was increased from six to eight. The job creation section was decreased to a minimum 30 full time employees to be increased during the peak seasons.

Because the resolution was not listed as an action item on the council agenda, a first reading was conducted, but no vote was taken.

We’ll have a special meeting soon and we’ll do a second reading and get the performance agreement approved at that time,” Mayor David Skains said.

Major points of the plan are, the developer will construct a Hilton Tapestry (or equivalent) hotel, waterfront, retail and hospitality development, including docks and a recirculating waterway splash park.

In exchange for the property, the operator agrees to repay EDC the amount of 16.667% of all net operating income from complex.

Details for the hotel include a three story hotel with 55 guestrooms. An independent hotel management company will be contracted to operate the facility.

The EDC purchased the vacant Big Chief Landing property in 2016 for future city use. The plan included demolition of the three buildings that were on the property at that time.

Before the EDC vote, the council heard from a resident with concerns about how the project would affect his nearby property.

EDC Executive Director Gayle Cooper said more information about the construction plans will soon be available to the public.

You will be happy with what is happening here,” Cooper said. “It is an amenity for the community. We can go public tonight, after this vote is taken.”

Cooper said all the details aren’t nailed down, but there is an approximate site plan for the project.

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