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Tax Assessor/collector Peggy Goodall, center, holds a book donated in her honor to the Clint Murchison Library, after she spoke at the Athens Kiwanis meeting on Tuesday. From the left are Mary Waddell, Jamie Fizer, Goodall, Carol Knight and Carol Morton.

Though the annual tax bills come out in October, Henderson County Tax Assessor/Collector Peggy Goodall told the Athens Kiwanis on Tuesday she and her staff are hustling year 'round.

She took office in 2015, after working for Milburn Chaney, who previously held the office, for more than two decades.

"I've worked here more than 24 years, in many different capacites, but this is my most fulfilling,' Goodall said. "The name doesn't have much swagger, but the office is incredibly important."

The office collects more than $100 million each year in property tax for 24 entities. They also collect $15 million for auto taxes and registrations.

Many of the people who come inside the tax office are there for auto tax and title related issues.

"Today's technology is really challenging for our DMV side," Goodall said. "The have increased our money for education and training, which helps us to keep from any kind of corruptness."

The training is important in preparing titles and handling cash.

The women in the offices in Athens, Chandler and Seven Point are all trained to keep the customers informed about the rules, regulations and procedures involving vehicle registrations and auto taxes.

Kiwanis member Jeaneane Lilly commended Goodall for her courteous staff, when dealing with uto costomers.

"That means a lot," Goodall said. "In Athens, we have them divided into auto registration and property staff. The ones in our sub-stations process both."

She said many people are interested in a change to the law regarding registration of trailers converting the requirement to every five years. Registration is required for all non-farm trailers operating on public highways.

"They haven't given us any deadline as to when that's going to go into effect," Goodall said. "We're waiting for the (state) DMV to implement that on their system.

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