The Arboretum's fourth annual Glow Run was a success Saturday night. Sponsors provided Water, electrolytes and snacks. Participants as young as 6 all the way up to 71 walked in the event. Pets were welcome and part of the fun. Deborah Deas, a board member for the Arboretum, said “In spite of the heat there was a great turnout.” Deas Also expressed gratitude to Boy Scout troupe 343 who passed out water , sponsors,  and the Athens/Cedar Creek Radio club who provided security for the event..

Medals were awarded in Various Categories, The Overall Winners were  Allen Leonard (40:39:32) and

Katie Hoover (24:40:55).

The winners in each class were, Mylea Driskell, Kessler Day, Clancy Day, Jessica Ottaberry, Lance Lewis, Callie Jackson, Michael McGee, Barbara Hester, Sara Adair, Nicholas Dial, Valerie Applegate, Kerri Wardell, Merry Dyson, Delores Odom, Vicki Rice, and Pamela Day.

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