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Those worn out electronic items and bald tires don’t last forever and there seem to be more and more of them, so Keep Athens Beautiful offers a chance to dispose of them Saturday.

A pair of semis will be set up at the Henderson County Judicial Building parking lot on West Corsicana Street from 8 a.m until 11:30 p.m. or when the trucks are full.

Executive Director Carol Morton said old tires are a real problem in the count and this event is one of the best opportunities to dispose of them. Many are dumped illegally around the county, while others pile up on homeowner's property creating a real eyesore.

At an event a few years ago people with tires just kept coming until there was no more space. They’re heavy and it’s a hard days work for everyone involved. The limit is eight tires per household.

The electronic and tires day follows another successful Keep Athens Beautiful Spring Clean Up held on April 10. Mayor Monte Montgomery said pickup trucks and trailers were lined up on Aaron Street to take items that had been gathered to the collection site. Residents who picked up the trash and volunteers at the collection site were blessed with beautiful weather to perform their tasks.

The events are part of the Keep America Beautiful Great American Clean Up, now in its 23rd year. Events around the county are being held in conjunction with the campaign through the spring.

Regarding litter collection, Great American Cleanup event organizers have been provided clear guidance to ensure that volunteer health is first priority. All cleanups are advised to guidelines from federal, state, and local public health officials.

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