As the summer wears on, gas prices are tracking upward.

According to, on Friday, the lowest price in Athens was $1.78 per gallon of regular-unleaded at the Brookshire's on East Tyler Street.

One month ago, GasBuddy was showing $1.71 for a gallon of regular as the Athens low.

The site compiles data from more than 11 million individual price reports covering more than 150,000 gas stations around the country.

On Friday, a couple of Athens stations had prices above $2. The Shell and Exxon on West Corsicana Street were showing $2.09 per-gallon.

Some other Athens locations include $1.89 at the Exxon on South Palestine and the Valero on East Corsicana and $1.90 at the Shell on East Tyler Street.

Even with the recent increases, the country is seeing the lowest summer prices in 16 years. COVID-19 is still having an impact on travel and the demand for gas.

"As cases continue to rise, the likelihood rises that gas prices will stabilize and demand may continue to see small decreases, which is the name of the game behind gas prices. said Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis for GasBuddy.

“I wouldn’t expect much movement until we either see more states being impacted again or we see cases start to drop, either one would provide clarity to where we stand now."

On June 23, in Athens, both the Murphy USA and Brookshire's on East Tyler street were charging $1.71 per gallon. The Valero on West Cayuga Drive was posting $1.76, while the Exxon on South Palestine had a price of $1.79. The price at the Shell station on East Tyler street was $1.85, as was the price at the Conoco on South Palestine.

Elsewhere in the county, the Brookshire's in Gun Barrel City was up six cents to $1.81, the Texaco in Trinidad was charging $1.93 per gallon and the Shamrock in Eustace had a price of $1.95.

On June 23, the low price in Gun Barrel City, at Murphy USA, stood at $1.75 equal to the price at the Brookshire's on 3rd Street in Mabank.

The summer season started with the lowest Memorial Day prices since 2003.

On June 1, GasBuddy reported the lowest prices in Athens were $1.57 per-gallon at the Valero on S. Prairieville, the Murphy USA on East Tyler and the Brookshire's on East Tyler.

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