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The national average gas price has fallen for the third straight week, according to and local stations are also charging less.

The national average on Monday was $2.70 per gallon, a drop of 2.6 cents from the previous week. A trade war with China may drive prices even lower. The average price in Texas was $2.42.

"There's a growing threat that prices may plunge this fall, perhaps as much as .50 cents per gallon," Patrick DeHaan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy said.

In Athens, the low price was $2.41 recorded at the Brookshire's and Murphy USA on E. Tyler Street.

Several stations were reporting $2.49 per gallon. Those included both Valeros, both Shells, the Exxon and Conoco on S. Palestine. The Exxon on E. Tyler Street had a price of $2.55.

The lowest price in the area was $2.27 at both the Brookshire's on Third Street in Mabank and the Murphy USA on W. Main. The cost at the Valero on W, Main was $2.39 per gallon.

Posted at both the Chevron and Exxon on W. Main, was $2.45.

The Chevron and Exxon on Texas 31 in Murchison both posted $2.49 per gallon.

Athens prices on July 17 were $2.44 cents-per-gallon at the Murphy USA and Brookshire's on E. Tyler Street, $2.54 at the Shell on E. Tyler Street and Exxon on S. Palestine Street

Gun Barrel City had a low of $2.41 at Murphy USA, while Texaco on W. Main was showing $2.50 and the Chevron on W. Main $2.59. Mabank prices started with $2.41 at the Brookshire's on 3rd street.

GasBuddy is a site that compiles information from 135,000 stations across the country. Viewers can obtain an app from GasBuddy to get immediate access to fuel price information.

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