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Master Gardener Robert Erickson will be the speaker at the Henderson County Master Gardener Association’s “Learn at the Library” series on Tuesday, August 10, 5:30 p.m., Clint W. Murchison Memorial Library, Athens. This series is free and open to the public.

Every hobby has its own jargon. Gardening is no exception. If you are new to gardening or if certain phrases confuse you, Erickson will clear things up in this informative session.

Do you know what gardeners are referring to when they say something is an heirloom? This label is given to both vegetables and flowers. Do you know what makes a plant a hybrid? What does GMO stand for? How is a GMO different from a hybrid? Erickson will explain why there are people who are averse to GMOs and why you now see labels on many products proclaiming, “Non-GMO,” while hybrids are accepted.

What about the difference between potting soil, garden soil, and starting mix? You want to make certain you purchase the type of material needed for your application. Is there a difference between compost and mulch? Why do some gardeners use compost as mulch, while others use it as a seed starter?

Fertilizers are another area which is confusing to many gardeners. What is the difference between a fertilizer and plant food? What exactly is a soil conditioner? Does your soil need fertilizer, and how do you know how much to apply? All these questions and more will be answered in the presentation.

Erickson will also take questions at the end of his session, so if your question is not covered, you can still get the answers you seek. HCMGA’s “Learn at the Library” series is presented on the second Tuesday of every month. Each month a different topic is covered. Due to spacing limitations, social distancing will not be observed, and face masks are optional.

For more information, call 903-675-6130, email hendersonCMGA@gmail.com, or visit txmg.org/hendersonmg.

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