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Ron Baugh, who presided over two decades of expansion and success at Trinity Valley Community College has died at age 77.

Baugh came to TVCC in 1983, and would spend 25-years at the college. Baugh led the college from 1987 to 2008.

"Obviously, he was a great leader," current President Jerry King said. "He was a mentor to me and a mentor to a lot of the faculty and staff."

 During his tenure, numerous construction and renovation projects were completed in 10 buildings, including the football field house. The last building to be completed was named in his honor – Ronald C. Baugh Technology Center.

"His major contribution was the dedication he had to the students and the college itself," King said. "His legacy will live on through the students that he influenced in a positive way. I worked for him for 25 years and there are a lot of people still at the college who continue his legacy."

According to TVCC, Baugh oversaw the most successful era of the college's athletic program, which produced eight national championships in cheerleading, five in women's basketball and two in football.

Before that span, TVCC had not won a national team sports title.

At his Cardinal Hall of Fame induction, Baugh had fond memories of leading the college.

"I can tell you this, that I have been blessed by the good Lord many times over – a wonderful family, employees to work with and a beautiful city that I live at here in Athens. I came here in 1983, and had the good fortune of having the jobs that I did."

King said Baugh's aim was to do the best thing for the college.

"He was very financially oriented and left the college in good financial condition," King said.

Baugh set up an endowment fund in 1983, and in 2003, he and the college board strove to increase the fund until exceeded $2 million. Dozens of students benefitted with scholarships through the endeavor.

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