First Christmas

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Christmas is almost here and one of the things that make it feel real is the music.

Kadie Lynn Roberson, a locally based but national famous singer and songwriter, will be releasing her first Christmas song in the next few weeks and the fans are going to love it.

With a voice that sounds beyond her years, “First Christmas” is a song about young love and all of the warm fuzzy feelings that go with it. She sings about how lonely the holidays can be when you see everyone else surrounded by loved ones when you aren't, and the excitement of the first time you finally have it.

Many can relate to the first holiday spent with that certain person who makes it special, and the sadness of the ones without them. This song brings up a whole range of emotions between the two.

After years of not really feeling in the Christmas spirit, one special someone has given her a change of heart. Kadie Lynn met boyfriend Jaxson, as a young girl at a singing engagement. Over time the two of them grew up and it went from friendship to love. This will be their eighth month together.

This will be their first Christmas as a couple and the two seem to be enjoying every minute of the season.

Since Christmas has taken on a new meaning for Kadie Lynn, as with many artists the feelings led to a song from the heart.

“I've never really liked Christmas, but for the first time I'm super excited,” Kadie Lynn said. “My first Christmas being in love makes it a million times better.”

The song is a great reminder that the holidays do not require expensive gifts or acts of grandeur. Being with the ones you love is enough.

Jaxson, whose father is Kadie Lynn's drummer, is very supportive of her career and said he supports her 100%.

“We have known each other for years,” Jaxson said. “Now in my opinion we are both happy and thriving more so than any other point.”

If you want to dance in the living room, pick up a copy of Kadie Lynn's new song First Christmas, on Spotify, apple music, google play and YouTube.

Please check in to Kadie Lynn's social media accounts to find out when it will be officially released.

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