Cowboy Harrison Janke digs in the dirt on the playground at the East Texas Arboretum during the Fall Festival. Children were able to play on the playground, get their faces painted and play many games during the festival.

The 2007 Fall Festival at the East Texas Arboretum was deemed a success by board members and the director the facility.

“Our goal was to have people come and have a good time,” said board member Sherry Bitz, “and that is exactly what happened.

Although there is not an exact way of knowing how many people came through the gates, the board has decided that their top priority for next year is to provide more parking to guests.

“We have never had that many people here at one time,” director Teresa Glasgow said. “Usually, they will come for a while and leave, but this time they came and stayed.”

Bitz who was coordinator for the art and photography exhibit said that the festival was very inspirational and that the festival and arts exhibit will certainly be growing.

“We had double the amount of people that came last year,” she said. “All the vendors I spoke to said that they had fun and did well, and the kids really enjoyed the school house.”

The board met Monday morning to discuss the event, and discuss the things that will need tweaking for next year.

“We really want to make things easy and convenient for the public, so we will be looking at ways to improve parking,” Bitz said.

Glasgow added that the arboretum will prepare for an even larger crowd next year.

“The results were wonderful,” she said, “we were pleasantly surprised.”

Bitz pointed out that the arts and photography exhibit tripled in size this year. The exhibit was housed in the Wofford house and overflowed onto the front lawn and under a tent donated by ETMC.

“Our youngest exhibitor was 17-years-old,” Bitz said, “and our oldest was 94. It was so inspirational.”

Glasgow pointed out that Saturday’s weather helped out with the large turnout.

“When you have great things to offer people and the weather is good, those are the ingredients for a wonderful festival,” Glasgow said.

The board wants to thank all of the volunteers that helped out with the event as well.

“We had an outstanding group of volunteers that were behind the scenes,” said Bitz.

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