The Malakoff Education Foundation hosted its annual Gala at the Athens Country Club Saturday. One of the largest fundraisers they host every year was extra special this year with guest speaker Jase Robertson of Duck Dynasty Fame.

Robertson's laid back nature as seen on TV crossed over into real life as he spoke to the crowd about faith, family, ducks and education.

After a brief introduction to Malakoff history and a little teasing about how Uncle Si is crazier in person, Robertson got to the heart of the matter and spoke on how his father getting saved changed his entire family's life. The importance of faith and family are central to the show Duck Dynasty and Robertson stated early on the family agreed to just be themselves.

“The Bible is a love letter to humans,” Robertson said.

Besides a heartfelt speaker, guest attendees were treated to a steak dinner.

The Malakoff Education Foundation allows teachers to apply for grants and after a review process helps them to attain goals they may not be able to get funded for otherwise. According to the groups website their purpose is:

“To provide additional revenue for educational grants that are considered creative, innovative and imaginative. These funds will be distributed in the form of grants. Teachers request funds through an application and review process. Grants are then ranked and rated as to overall merit and those chosen will be funded accordingly, provided funding is available. Our goal is to raise the funds necessary to meet as many of these requests as possible.”

With current state funding barely covering minimal budget requirements, organizations like these are critical to helping teachers educate in new and exciting ways that keep children engaged.

“we expect only to provide funds for programs and activities that are beyond the average classroom curriculum and would provide an extraordinary learning experience for students,” MEF stated.

If you would like to volunteer or make a donation to the group, please visit their website at or call (903) 484-4190.

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