Dr. Coy Holcombe speaks at a round table.

No Kid Hungry Texas awarded Eustace Middle and High School grants totaling $5,259. These grants were part of  $144,000 dollars that will go to 30 schools across Texas to fund breakfast programs.

“Eustace ISD is excited to be chosen as a recipient of the No Kid Hungry breakfast grant,” Eustace ISD stated. “This grant will allow us expanded opportunities to provide breakfast after the bell to our middle school and high school students. A highly popular program that has allowed our students to choose a healthy breakfast during non-traditional mealtimes,”

One in four children in Texas live in a family that struggles with hunger. School breakfast reduces hunger and gives children a healthy meal they can count on each morning.

It is estimated according to NKHT that one in seven children will face hunger this year. Using proven practical solutions to provide a nutritious breakfast, educating families on skills they need to shop and cook on a budget the anti-hunger organizations fights

“We are pleased to offer these grants to ensure that all students can start their day with a healthy breakfast,” said Kathy Green, No Kid Hungry Texas director. “Through partnerships like these, we are moving Texas closer to the goal of No Kid Hungry.”

Breakfast after the bell has made a positive impact on classrooms and schools as well, principles have reported higher test scores, calmer classrooms, more attentive students and fewer behavior referrals to name a few,” NKHT stated in a release.

“Ending childhood hunger isn't just the right thing to do; it's also the smart thing to do,” NKHT said in a written statement. “When kids consistently get the nutrition they need, they feel better, learn more, and grow up stronger. That means a smarter, healthier, more productive country.”

If you would like to find out more about the National anti-hunger organization Share our Strength and No Kid Hungry Texas, please visit them online at

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