Superintendent Dr. Coy Holcombe and other members of the Eustace school board and committee broke ground on the site of the new high school Monday night.

The Eustace High School band led the way from the Bulldog Bash to the site.

Holcombe said the work would start and progress rapidly from this point moving forward.

“Everything is going to start moving at a brisk pace,” he said. “Our school board has done an excellent job working with our architect, Claycomb Associates, and our construction manager, BTC, to get the best value out of every dollar going toward the project.”

“The design on the new high school has far exceeded my expectations of what we could do for the kids,” Principal Chris Worten said. “In ten years it will still be a modern designed building that will meet their needs for a long into the future.”

Students in the district have proven to learn best in a more traditional setting. Therefore the The high school classrooms will be pretty traditional but will include the most modern technology available. The cafeteria and the media center, formerly known as the library, has a unique concept similar to an upscale bookstore. It will transitions into the cafeteria and includes a coffee bar which will be operated by the special needs students in order to help prepare them with future job and life skills..

“I just want to thank the community and all those that had a part in helping us put together such a great school for the future students of Eustace,” Worten said.

Eustace ISD won the vote late 2018 for a $38.6 million bond. Revenue from the bond will be used to build the new high school with vocational, agriculture and CTE facilities, renovate existing properties, including the primary, intermediate and middle schools, renovate the existing high school to accommodate middle school students and buy new school buses.

Officials also agreed to complete baseball and softball turf installations that are part of the building committee members' recommendation.

The school's estimated completion date is October 2020.

“The contractors we are using are known for running on time. We should start January 2021 in the new school,” Worten said.

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