Lynn Baumgartner was a very busy doctor in 2019 as she delivered 371 babies into the world. She attended 367 deliveries, several producing twins. She is very dedicated to her work and the numbers prove it.

Baumgartner said she is very passionate about her work which shows by the number of deliveries amounting to over one delivery per day.

Her passion for life and sharing happy moments with people as they become a family is what drives her. She has always enjoyed working with her hands and is a skilled surgeon, responsible for the majority of deliveries at UT Health in Athens and averages 20 to 30 births a month. It is important to her that if she starts working with a patient to be the doctor at the birth, offering a reliability and comfort, which many expectant mothers find reassuring.

Baumgartner also hosts a Celebration of Life event each spring at the East Texas Arboretum because she enjoys seeing the children she delivers year after year.

If you are interested in Dr. Baumgartner being your OB/GYN, please contact Athens Women's Health Center, 115 Medical Circle Ste. 103, 903-677-8453.

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