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A motorcyclist south of the Chandler area first committed a traffic violation Tuesday, but ended up in Sheriff Botie Hillhouse’s custody after evading arrest, resisting, being tased and fighting with deputies.

Keaton Alan Carner, 28, did not properly signal his turn from Twin Oaks Drive onto Post Oak Drive and was pulled over.

On probation for a previous drug offense, Carner had no driver’s license and could not provide proof of insurance.

Deputy Meagan Hogan had him step off the bike and noticed he was carrying a knife in his right pant pocket. The ensuing pat-down search revealed an object the Deputy suspected was methamphetamine.

Not wanting to surrender the object, the suspect began fighting and pulling away.

As a team of Hillhouse’s Narcotics Investigators and Deputies arrived on the scene, Carner tried to run.

He was tased, cuffed, and continued to fight with the Henderson County Deputies.

After being subdued by Hogan, Deputy Matt Jistel, Investigator, Gabriel Shue, Kenneth Slaton and Jonathan Hutchison, the suspected methamphetamines were found in his front, left pocket.

“The men and women who protect the people of this County must be ready for anything,” Sheriff Hillhouse said. “No traffic stop or arrest is routine. Each of our Investigators and Deputies know that, and they have each other’s back.”

Carner was booked into the Henderson County Jail, facing charges for possession, evading arrest or detention with a previous conviction, and resisting arrest.

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