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“Rose-Mary Rumbley can tell a story. Whether the story is about herself, her beloved late husband, her dear mother or a local legend of Dallas, Dr. Rumbley can tell a story,” said Barbara Turner of the Cedar Creek Women's Club.

For 40 years Rumbley who turned 88 years old in September has been a yearly guest speaker at the monthly meeting of the Cedar Creek Lake Women's Club. She is still going strong and can tell a story.

Story teller is perhaps the best way to describe Rumbley. Celebration Magazine says “Rose-Mary Rumbley is a rock star among Dallas senior set.” According to the magazine Rumbley was Celebration Magazines (aka: The Senior Center Magazine) first cover girl! She is the only person who has graced the cover of Celebration twice. “Not only is Rose-Mary Rumbley one of the most fascinating Dallasites, but she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.”

Rumbley has a long history as an author, humorist, historian and entertainer. In addition to author and speaker, you will find stage and screen acting credits such as Paper Moon, Big Bad John and Broken Promise. She is a  sought after speaker who found the time to write six books. This would all be included on her resume, if she had one. Nor does she have a website. She doesn't need the advertising.

Her work contains anecdotes about local politicians, legends and much more about the city and people she loves. On Tuesday, she gave a humorist look at a 'Thankful Nation' including authors of patriot  songs and other well known American tunes, such as Star Spangled Banner and America the Beautiful.

Famed storyteller Dave Lieber once said that “Rose-Mary Rumbley is the best. Six hundred audiences a year know that.”

Rumbley has a doctorate in communications from the University of North Texas. She taught speech and theater at Dallas Baptist University for 12 years and has appeared in the Dallas Summer Musicals and at Casa Manana in Fort Worth.

“If you have not had the opportunity to hear Dr. Rose Mary Rumbley speaker, you should,” said Turner. “Rumbley 'The Rock Star' is a Dallas icon and a Texas legend.”

The Dec. 17 meeting of the Cedar Creek Lake Women's Club will host Ken Freehill as guest speaker. He is an accomplished actor of stage, screen and television as well as a playwright and former Executive Director of the Screen Actor's Guild in Dallas.

The meeting is held at Cedar Creek Country Club, program starts at 11am with lunch served at 12. Must RSVP to Marcy Beleele at

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