The Henderson County Sheriff's Office will continue to participate in the Smith County Auto Theft Task Force after getting Commissioners Court approval on Tuesday.

The county has been involved in the program since 2011.

"It's a great program," said Sheriff Botie Hillhouse. "They pay 80% of an investigators salary."

The investigator is based in Henderson County and is dedicated to working auto theft cases in the county. The county's portion of the salary is about $12,500.

“A task force team of five to six men will come to assist on special cases,” Hillhouse said. “The county benefits by the use of technology available through the force.”

The task force provides assistance in the form of strategy and resources to 14 counties covered by the East Texas Council of Governments. Through the years, they have been involved in working cases where a theft ring committed crimes in several counties.

On another agenda item, Commissioners voted to allow the HCSO to enter an agreement with the Renal Care Group, Texas, Inc. for inmate dialysis treatment. The company has an Athens location.

Hillhouse said there is currently an inmate in the county jail who needs dialysis treatment three times a week. Before the Renal Care Group agreement, the HCSO has taken inmates with failing kidneys to other locations outside the county. Earlier this year, one had to be taken to a facility in Waco for treatment.

Another item involving the sheriff's office is an agreement with Caney City to enter warrants into the county Odyssey legal records storage system. Hillhouse said about 1,000 warrants will need to be transferred to the county system. The county will charge $5 per warrant.

In other action, Commissioners accepted the results of an auction of a property on Double Bridge Road in Cherokee Shores. The property was sold for the minimum of $200. Precinct 2 Commissioner Scott Tuley said there was only one bid on the property.

Commissioners also authorized payment of second quarter state fees totaling $149,827 and regular bills totaling $190,159.

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