Henderson County voters making selections in the presidential primaries have usually favored candidates who went on to gain their party's nominations, but with some notable exceptions.

Texas voters can begin taking advantage of early balloting on Feb. 18 for the May 5 Republican and Democratic Primaries. While Donald Trump appears to be the heavy Republican favorite to win his party's nomination, several Democrats have a realistic chance.

In other 21st century elections, Looking back four years ago, to 2016, it was the GOP whose Henderson County Primary choice came up short at the National Convention.

Democrat Hillary Clinton cruised to an easy win in 2016, polling 1,593 of the 2,226 total votes. On the Republican side, Senator Ted Cruz gathered 7,070 to lead the field. The eventual nominee, Donald Trump pulled 4,683 votes.

In 2012, President Barack Obama received 979 of only 1,122 votes cast. Eventual Republican standard bearer Mitt Romney also had an easy Henderson County win, with 5,775 of 8,546 GOP voters. Ron Paul was a distant second with 875 votes.

The 2008 Democratic primary election featured a primary battle between Obama and Hillary Clinton. Clinton led the county with 5,260 votes while the ultimate winner, Obama received 2,815.

Republican voters picked their party's winner, selecting John McCain. The Arizona senator received 5,003 votes. Following in second place was former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee whose total was 3,685.

The 2004 election, which gave George W. Bush a second term found the Texan without a Republican primary opponent. He finished with 3,836 votes. Of his fellow party members, 405 voted to stay uncommitted for the primary.

Among the Democrats, only John Kerry polled a substantial vote total, with 1,795.

The century began with the 2000 election of Texas Governor George W. Bush over Vice President Al Gore which was decided only after a trip to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Henderson County Republican voters overwhelmingly favored their governor in the primary, giving him 3,23 of 4,099 votes cast. Among the Democrats, Gore also scored an easy win with 3,505 votes. Bill Bradley was a distant second with 883.

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