Henderson County is in the middle of the pack in the area in most education levels according to the latest American Community Survey of United States Census Data.

With a rating of 83%, Henderson County rates fourth among the 10 counties in people age 25 years or older who have graduated from high school or completed the GED or equivalent.

The county with the highest share of high school graduates or better in the area is Kaufman with 86%.

Henderson County was equal to the statewide percentage, but below the national score of 87%.

Henderson County has a drop-out rate of 17%, which is fourth in students who dropped out of school. The county with the highest percentage of drop-outs in the area is Navarro, at 23%.

Henderson County fared a little better in the percentage of residents 25 or older with a bachelor's degree or better. Henderson County has 18% percent with a bachelors degree or higher, which is the third most of all other counties in the area. Smith County led the pack with 25%..

The national average is 31%, while Texas has a score of 29%.

Of Henderson County's college graduates, the highest number of degrees were in science and engineering, with 28%. Another 11% had degrees in science and engineering related fields. Of county graduates, 21% had degrees in the humanities. Not far behind were education, with 20%, and business. at 19%.

The study also shows the ratio of students to teachers at the various public schools. ratio of the number of students to the number of teachers. The lower the number, the better because it's indicate fewer students for any one teacher to educate. On the low end are Eustace High School (10.0), Malakoff High School (10.6), and Cross Roads High School (11.9).

The largest enrollment of any school in the county was Athens High School, with 899 students, followed by Athens Middle School, with 763.

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