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County Fire Marshal Shane Renberg said due to the increasing amount of refuse being left around the county, the money will be used to replace cameras placed in areas where dumpers like to leave their trash.

The cameras transmit the images wirelessly. Renberg said, because his officers don't have to go to the location to retrieve the pictures, it keeps the dumpers from seeing them and getting wise to the surveillance.

"They will send us the pictures via e-mail, so we don't have to wait a week, then try to glance through four or 5,000 pictures," Renberg said.

These will replace old cameras that have outlived their usefulness. Renberg said the dumpers also often steal cameras, but the new cameras will be connected to the internet and will transmit an image of anyone who tries to take one.

The new cameras have wider angle lenses than the ones they're replacing and should be more effective in getting the lawbreakers in the picture.

The county applied for the grant in September. The amount coming to the county is a little over $3,500. That will pay for both the cameras and the service.

Commissioners also voted:

• to accept all elected officials' bonds to be filed in the County Clerk’s Office;

• to approve a refund request for overpayment of taxes totaling about $110,000 for the Henderson County Tax/Assessor Collector;

• to purchase five cell phones for the District Attorney’s Office.

• to apply for the Emissions Reduction Incentive Grant to purchase more efficient trucks;

• to accept a Memorandum of Understanding with Indigent Healthcare Solutions;

• authorize payment of 2020 bills, totaling about $145,000 and 2021 bills, totaling $92,000.

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