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The City of Trinidad has been receiving complaints from locals about the condition of its water.

Several concerned residents spoke to the Athens Review and sent photos of brown water, stating the city needed help.

“Trinidad needs help this is what our water looks like,” one said. “We have to pay for it and bathe in it, it’s brown.”

State officials have performed testing and the city is waiting for results, which they expect soon according to Trinidad officials.

“It is going to come down to the test results. Whatever they come back as, we will make changes due to results,” said David Walker, water treatment plant operator and supervisor.

It has been an issue for a while according to residents who took to social media posting photos of swimming pools and bathtubs with brown water.

According to Walker, the issue is due in part to old corroded pipes and tank maintenance. He has only held the position for a couple of months and is actively working on the issue.

“The tanks have been cleaned and we are working around the clock trying to fix what is wrong,” he said. “We are working with the state to find the issues and correct them.”

Walker was not sure how long results would take to come back, but was hopeful they would be back soon.

“When the results come back, we will provide an update on the city’s plans to correct the issues,” he said.

If you have questions or concerns, call the City of Trinidad at 903-778-2525 or David Walker, the plant supervisor, at 903-477-1775.

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