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The City of Athens is ordering new mapping of its properties to update and correct some of the old data.

Athens uses the geographic information system to generate maps of the city boundaries, land uses, zoning districts, and other geographic features.

"This is just a process to get everyone up-to-date, current data," City Manager Elizabeth Borstad said. "We're using BIS. That's the same company as the Appraisal District."

The system gives the city access to overhead pictures of all local properties and detailed measurement of structures. The company providing the aerial imagery not only takes pictures from the top down, but at oblique angles showing the sides of the structures.

"It will help us with zoning and compliance with zoning ordinances," Borstad said. "It's a very labor intensive process because someone has to look at all of the plats. It takes a lot of office time. BIS does that. They come with a pretty good track record."

The Henderson County Appraisal District has been using the company for several years. A new fly-over in the county is taking place in 2020.

The Athens Economic Development Corporation is partnering with the city on the software. The item was on the AEDC agenda on Tuesday.

The mapping item was discussed at the Athens Municipal Water Authority on Friday. AMWA will be able to piggy-back with the city on the new system to map the Lake Athens property that falls outside of the city limits. The pictures help AMWA keep track of boat houses and other structures on the lake.

According to AMWA, when at its fullest level, the lake is at 440 feet above sea level.

The state requires an additional eight feet in elevation as a flood buffer. Private-property owners can only own property at the 448-foot elevation or above.


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