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Data released in June gives an idea where Henderson County stands in several key demographics, according to information in from the United States Census bureau.

The county population was a little older and less diverse than the nation as a whole on July 1, 2018 according to the figures.

Children under 5 years make up 5.6% of the Henderson County population. Nationwide the demographic accounts for 6.1%. Census trends show Henderson County children decreasing in numbers over a 10-year period.

Henderson County’s child population, which includes those birth through 17, was 18,311 in 2006. By 2010, it had dropped to 17,842. In the latest report are 18,120 age 17 and below. In the latest report, 1% of the Henderson County population fell into the age group. The largest change was in children 6 through 11, which decreased from 5,948 to 4,885 from 2006 through 2015. Children ages 5 and younger increased over the period from 5,765 to 5,925.

Where Henderson County outdistances the nation at large is in persons over 65 years old. That group accounts for 22% of the county population, but only 16% nationwide.

The white-non hispanic population in Henderson County is 89.8% of the total. For the US, it is now 76.5%. Blacks account for only 6.4% of the county population, but 13.4% nationwide.

Henderson County housing units total 41,4878. Of those 75.4% are owner-occupied. For the U.S. the figure is 63.8%. The median value of those Henderson County homes is $99,000. Nationwide, the value is $193,000.

Renters pay a median $778 in Henderson County. The U.S. median is $982.

In Henderson County 10.3% of its residents speak a language other than English the home. Nationwide its 21.3%.

Among adults age 25 and older, 83.3% of Henderson County residents have a high school diploma, while 18.1% have a bachelor's degree or higher. For the U.S. that's 30.9%.

Henderson County residents, under age 65, without insurance, account for 21.2% of the population. The percentage is 10.2 nationwide.

The median household income for Henderson County residents is $44,888. For the United States, it's $57,652. Per capita, the figure is $24.315 for the county and 31,177 for the U.S. The county had 17.2% living in poverty as compared to 12.3% for the nation.