During a nationwide trend of self-isolation and social distancing and as the government recommends limiting gatherings to 10 or less, people are having to think outside the gym to stay fit.

Countless people around the country who have been cooped up inside as their companies mandate work-at-home policies and their fitness centers shut down are getting creative with their workout routines.

Gyms, yoga studios and fitness centers are fueling the drive to stay active by offering online classes, some free of charge, or extending trial periods for at-home workouts.

Camp Gladiator of Athens is hosting in-person workouts across the county within the Center for Disease Control guidelines of 10 people or less and maintaining a safe distance of three to six feet with no shared equipment. Hand sanitizer is being provided.

“We know this is a crazy time for all of us,” said coach Ashley Chappell.” We are doing our best right now to keep the engagement of our campers and the safety of our trainers top of mind.”

For those not comfortable with in-person workouts, or just going stir-crazy from being stuck in the house, CG is offering at-home workouts two different ways:

• Facebook live streaming workouts at 5 a.m., 8 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. Saturday.

• A database of quick, 30 minute at-home workouts hosted on the Camp Gladiator Hustle from Home Blog at: campgladiator.com/blog.

Chappell said she feels unity is key and encourages setting a model of fitness for children. This will also help them pass time at home and combat restlessness.

“My campers are like family to me,” Chappell said. “I care first and foremost about their safety and the well being of the community. This is new to all of us and while we are all scared of the unknown it is my role as a leader to keep the community active and be there in times of need.”

She emphasized the importance of a healthy immune system.

“Developing a healthy lifestyle and caring about our health plays a huge role when times like these hit,” she said.

There is a program for every age and fitness level and modifications to every exercise are available.

“Exercising outdoors and staying active is so important,” Chappell said. “I will continue to work harder than ever to ensure that my campers and the community are staying active healthy and safe.”

If you are interested in the program please call Ashley Chappell at 903-880-8336.


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