Saturday morning I packed up my camera and drove to Texas Motorplex with no idea what was in store for me. I paid a days wages to get into the pits, walked past the beer and meat and headed right to shooting.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I like to go fast. Thank God I drive a four cylinder, because let me tell you, I couldn't afford anything bigger. Drive a race car for Christmas, sign me up.

I have made a few friends in the industry, so I texted to say hi and was just excited to see them, no expectations. When one replied with “want to go to the starting line?” the butterflies started.

Admittedly, I was excited and nervous. This was my first Top Fuel race ever and I had only heard rumors about it.

”It's a once in a lifetime opportunity, It will change your life,” he said.

I knew he was right, and felt like I had just won the lottery.  

We walked around the gated area where I flashed my all access pass and as we rounded the corner, the cars burned out and all of a sudden, I understood what it must feel like to break the sound barrier.  The invisible wall of energy that throws people in the movies is real. I felt a “poof” as the wall hit me and I was in love. The sound, the smell, the force and the speed. Holy moly.

With my racing virginity gone, we watched several passes and he invited me to where the pit crew stands. I could have almost touched them while they worked on the vehicle making sure everything operated as safely as it can.

He kept pushing me closer, and I managed to get a couple photos taken before they took off and my experience came to a close. Wishing I had taken two steps closer and held onto the rail as my hair and camera flapped behind me, the experience was still intense enough to knock my camera off my shoulder. (If I'm ever blessed with the opportunity again, I most certainly will!)

Giddy, giggling and eyes wide with awe I walk back to my family babbling on and on about the experience. My insides shook and felt as if  I had done a thousand crunches and my mind was racing.

I will forever be grateful for this amazing experience and so glad he shoved me closer.

This was a big deal for me.

Some of my long-time friends know that I have had an extremely stressful life at times. Even now, I have come through things that left me with deep wounds to lick. One after-effect being anxiety.

I'm a very adventurous person, an adrenaline junky some would say, but many times I 'do it afraid' and then laugh with glee through it so thankful I said yes.

Deep down all anxiety amounts to is not trusting yourself to be able to handle whatever comes your way and trust is something I really struggle with.

When I went to that starting line Saturday, I was nervous and excited not knowing what to expect.  I may not have trusted myself, but I trusted who I was with. I knew he was the expert and wouldn't put me in harm's way. Isn't that how I'm supposed to be handling my daily life with God?

Man I fall short but it's just crazy how a $75,000 dollar engine can turn it all back to trusting God and yourself. I live a very stressful life and me and God are trying to work out some solutions on that, but I noticed two things I need to fix pronto.

I think things to death and almost rob myself of joy and blessings, I apologize way too much.

When I felt that jolt of power that went through me like a lightning bolt I was high as a kite on adrenaline. It was awesome. I went and just reflected on it for about an hour and said NEVER AGAIN. Stop living so cautiously. Stop walking on eggshells and start walking in the newness of life God gave you with boldness. The right people will stick with you and the wrong one's will fall away and that's OK too.

You only get one go and none of us know how long. So buckle up and enjoy the ride.

”Do you want to be made well?” John 5:5-6

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