Freezing temperatures mixed with light precipitation began creating potentially dangerous road conditions in Athens late Monday night.

Several wrecks were reported, including a one-vehicle roll-over on Loop 7 near State Highway 19 that sent a woman to the hospital. In that wreck, which happened around 10 p.m., the woman was heading south on the loop when her vehicle rolled across the northbound lanes, down an embankment and just across the offramp to State Highway 19. Athens police and Athens firefighters were on the scene shortly after the wreck.

The Texas Department of Transportation reportedly was watching road conditions closely, and several overpasses appeared to be sanded to some some degree.

Drivers are urged to take caution if they found themselves in a situation where they had to travel, as bridges were becoming icy and roads were getting slick. Excessive speed is often a major contributor in wrecks, especially in wet and icy conditions. Give yourself plenty of time to brake when approaching stops, intersections and other vehicles.

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