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Streams, such as Kickapoo Creek, near Chandler, were often swollen in June during above average rainfall.

Athens’ June weather didn’t set any records, but National Weather Service data shows the rainfall was a bit higher and temperatures a bit lower than the 30-year norm.

Readings at weather station at Athens Municipal Airport show the city received 5.5 inches of rain during the 30 day period. The norm is 4.35. After a slow start, Athens is on a pace to finish the year above the 42.94 average annual rainfall.

The biggest rainfall total came on June 11, a total of 1.43 inches. The city also got significant rainfall late in the month, with .93 inches coming down on June 28 and .63 the day after.

The month was much wetter than last June, when only 1.26 inches fell. The 5.5 inch total places it fourth among the rainiest Junes of the past 20 years.

History has shown July can change the precipitation picture dramatically. In 2015, Athens got no rain at all in July and only .11 inches fell in 2011.

The average daily high temperature for June 2021 was 87.7 degrees, slightly off the 88.6 norm. The hottest day was June 14, Flag Day, when the temperature topped out at 95 degrees. Highs of 93 were recorded on June 24 and 25.

The low for the month was 64, reported on June 3. That was followed by four consecutive mornings when the temperature fell to 68 degrees.

NWS predicts a chance of rain will linger in Athens past Independence Day. Thunderstorms are in the preliminary forecast every day of the week.

Recent rains have been good to area lakes. The level at Lake Athens was 440.23 on Friday, .23 inches above full. Cedar Creek Lake, at 321.82 was 91% full. Lake Palestine, at 345.06, was just above full.

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