An Athens woman was charged with a second degree felony Wednesday for having a substantial amount of methamphetamine after she called 911 to report a structure fire.

Stevie Dawn Henshaw, 28, was caught with more than 6 grams of meth by Deputy Duane Sanders and Deputy Gina Holland in the 7900 block of County Road 41514.

The case began when an unidentified woman called 911 to report a structure fire at that address, but she tried to cancel the request for a fire truck before she hung up.

She did say two people were at the property and were fighting.

The two Deputies went to the scene where, under questioning, Henshaw admitted to making the 911 call.

But, as a male at the scene explained, the two were arguing, not fighting.

On the dashboard of an inoperable pickup truck, sitting in plain view of the Deputies, was a clear, plastic baggie containing a crystal-like substance believed to be meth.

Meanwhile, near Chandler, a 57-year old man was pulled over by another Hillhouse Deputy and arrested for possession of meth, also.

Christopher Barton was driving northbound on FM 315 when Deputy Ryan Owens spotted a traffic violation.

Barton pulled over onto Wildewood Drive. A search of the vehicle was conducted and he was placed into custody for having meth inside a baggie, hidden inside a tin can. He also had a clear, glass pipe to smoke the drug.

Finally, Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. a grandmother at a residence south of Chandler was charged with possession of heroin and taken away from three grandchildren.

Deborah Smith, 59, was arrested by Deputy Jarod Mills after one of the children said she had found “Grammy’s drugs.”

A brownish colored substance believed to be heroin, several syringes, a spoon, cigarette lighter and a pocket knife were found.

She was charged with a possession of a controlled substance. Child Protective Services were notified of the arrest.                   

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