Clay Carpenter

A 12-year-old Eustace student collapsed from a head injury during a Tuesday football practice and was flown to Children’s Medical Center in Dallas for treatment.

 After the helicopter arrived at the hospital on Tuesday night, Clay Carpenter underwent about a three-hour emergency surgery.

On Wednesday morning, his mother, Leticia Carpenter said from the hospital room, that he had come through the medical procedure well and was responsive after the surgery.

She thanked her friends and church family for their prayers and concern during the hours after her son passed out.

“We’re just thankful he’s awake,” Carpenter said.

Reports said Clay collapsed, got up and collapsed again. The cause of Clay’s medical emergency was not readily determined. His mother said it didn’t appear to have occurred after a collision with another player.

Clay was first taken to the trauma center at ETMC Cedar Creek in Gun Barrel City. Doctors, assessing the situation, determined that the injuries appeared serious enough that he should be transported by air to the hospital in Dallas.

Once he arrived at Children’s Medical Center, doctors quickly began the surgery to stop the internal bleeding.

After the surgery, doctors began keeping a close watch to make sure there aren’t any complications.

Meanwhile friends continued to look for ways to show their support of the family.

A prayer vigil is being planned for 4 p.m. on Sunday at the Eustace football field. Players are asked to wear their jerseys in honor of Clay, number 54.

Tuesday night, while Clay was still in surgery, friends set up a Prayers for Clay Carpenter Facebook page to keep friends and family posted as to his progress.

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